Bitter Almond Essential Oil


Bitter Almond EO Specification:

  • Latin name: Prunus Amygdalus
  • Part of the plant used: fruit
  • Type of extraction: distillation method
  • Colour: yellowish
  • Country of origin: India
  • Scent: almond, sweet, like marzipan

Specific Uses: Its usefulness is simply for it’s wonderful almond scent . Bitter Almond also doesn’t have any aromatherapy benefit like most essential oils. Only use Bitter Almond Essential as a scent and not for skin care.

Blending: Bitter Almond Essential Oil blends well with Cassia, Orange and Apricot oils.

Warning: Bitter Almond contains Cyanide which is poisonous-  do not consme or use on skin.

Product packaging

  • Oil supplied in a blue glass bottle with integrated dropper and tamper evident lid
  • Batch number, botanical name and expiry date displayed on label
  • Basic general oil information supplied via email
  • Bitter Almond EO specification supplied via email
  • Certificate of authenticity available on request